life coaching

About me

Hello and welcome to my page!

I cannot prophesy the numbers of lotto, but with my experience of nearly 20 years in cartomancy and a bit of wordly wisdom I can help you to see where your luck is hiding. I read the cards of Madame Lenormand and I have been clairvoyant for 20 years. I am proud to work without any information and that is my excellence.

Some thoughts about love:

Love is the easiest and—at the same time—the hardest stuff in the world. Two people meeting each other … and it’s sparking or not. One seems to be attractive and soon an own history is evolving.
Everyone of us has already experienced this history, in good or in bad shape. In my eyes the word “love” is easy to express: after a long way, which has been really hard from time to time, you’re coming home and you’re feeling this warm and comforting sense while you’re thinking of your partner who’s not there.

Now something about me to my dear customers. Thank you for your great feedback and your loyalty. My nature and my reading of the cards and my clairvoyance are sometimes very special; but I think there must be a good way between spirituality and reality. I treat every person in the same way—whether it’s a VIP or a single mother. Every customer is close to my heart and I respect the human, not the status!

Thank you for your confidence!

Yours Destiny